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What's Run-run?

Run-Run is the first app designed specially for commercial and industrial vehicles to provide help and solve all incidences as soon as possible using the network and our sofisticated system to locate the service you need at that moment.

 For trailers and heavy vehicles.

 Designed specially for roads for all companies in the USA.

 Do you need a mechanic, a electric service emergency? This app is for you!

Find services for all kind of problems like broken tires, short circuits, fluid deficiency and much more

Pay for the services directly using Paypal or cash

Find the nearest service provider for your needs using your GPS

Give and view reviews for all services you request

 Do you have a company that provide services for heavy vehicles? Register here!.

Benefits for users

  • Reduce times to attend your issues and needs: We have all possible providers in your area that can help you instantly
  • Direct communication between provider and client: The communication is clear, direct and accurate according with your needs!
  • Wide variety of services: Big, medium and independents providers can register in our system allowing to have a greater catalogue for the services that you need.
  • Accurate location: Just need to turn on the GPS to allow the app know your current location and give you results according with your area.
  • Quality and effectiveness in our service: The experiecne and certifications of our team will provide you quality and additional support if you're facing issues in the user experience.
  • Easy access in the app: The app was developed using the best standard of usability that allows to have a clear idea of how to use it

Benefits for providers

  • Wide coverage for your services and products: All your coverage and scope will depend on the money you invest to promote you.
  • Selected market control: You will have the option to choose the advertising in the app allowing the type of market you want to reach.
  • Potential customers for you: Every user that uses the app will be a potential customer for your products and services
  • Transactions for your business: you will have full control for each economic transaction that your clients do
  • Coverage in the market: The application will help you to wide your horizons and get new opportunities; you will have more benefits if your business works 24/7
  • Marketing in your business: we have a great marketing team that will help you to promote your business through other means like social networks

How works

If you're an user...

  1. Download the app
  2. Register using your email and password
  3. Turn on the GPS
  4. Start looking for the services and products you need
  5. Make the request
  6. Pay for it via paypal or using the cash option
  7. wait for your provider
  8. Give feedback

If you're a provider...

  1. Register in this link
  2. Provide your personal and business information
  3. Create your business profile
  4. Upload your products and services and set up the pricing
  5. Promote your services
  6. Wait for your customers, our app will do the rest for you
  7. Check your history of requests
  8. View your statistics in a period of time